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About This Site

This site is dedicated to individuals and families who live in North America and want to change their behavior to pollute less, waste less, and consume fewer resources. You will find tips, tricks, and advice that will result in less pollution or consumption of resources to a lesser or higher degree in many different areas. This site will not attempt to explain why change is necessary. If you want to know you need to go somewhere else (e.g. public library) and get informed. This site will also not explain how to make energy yourself. It is just not practical for most people.

The site and its content were created and collected by me, Karsten Weiss. I live in Quebec, Canada and work as Design & Technology teacher at a public middle and high school in Vermont, USA. I decided in June 2007 to do much more for the environment and share with other North Americans what I (and my friends) know about living simply (which incidently has lesser environmental impact) and polluting less. The urge to create this site (and to judge the efficiency of pro-environment actions) is a result of my feelings towards the people and organizations who promote that just a few simple steps is all that is needed to save our planet. First of all, the planet couldn't care less - the issue is human civilization. Secondly, to clean a big mess you use a big broom, not a toothbrush. So, do the simple small steps and easy actions later. If that is all you want to do you might as well do nothing. And thirdly, I do not want to ask people nicely to participate. If you read the advice here you will know what you could do. Do it, or don't. It really is each individual's responsibility.

It is not about living a perfect life. It is about understanding this while simultaneously trying to live like everything you do has an influence on your level of pollution, use of resources, and on what other people do.

Know what you should do - Do what you can do.


Is this site for you?

Since you have come this far, let us assume you would like to live a life less damaging to the environment and need some ideas on how to do this best. You have arrived at a good place. Check the Tips, Tricks, and Advice page to learn how to pollute less, use fewer resources, consume less energy, and even save money at times.

If you do not live in North America, you are already polluting less. However, you are not perfect just because you do not live where the biggest polluters live. If you live in Europe, or a modern large city in any other country you most certainly could improve how you impact the environment. You may discover that much of the advice here will apply to you as well.

This site is NOT for you if you do not believe that North Americans need to change their behavior in regard to the use of energy and resources or if you do not really care about pollution or other human beings.



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