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Activity 1

Pollution & What You Do for Fun

This activity is created to guide students through a reflection about their hobbies and what impact these activities have on the environment. It is also a good opportunity for students to learn more about each other and for the teacher to learn about the students.


1) Brainstorm hobbies and interests. Write on board for all to see.

2) Categorize items by putting different colored dot next to item. Supply a "key" next to brainstorm list.


* Burning fossil fuels for entertainment

* Consumption of valuable resources

* Toxic by-products in air/ water/ soil

* Non-reusable materials are used; materials cannot be recycled

* Use of land that cannot be used for agriculture or housing anymore

* Equipment requires frequent maintenance by machines or people

* Non-sustainable if everyone did it

3) Discuss better solutions ( = how to achieve less pollution while doing the activity)

4) Discuss best solutions and alternatives ( = how to eliminate pollution while enjoying similar levels of fun)

5) Complete Work Sheet. Find the MS Word file (.doc) here.





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