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Activity 2

Heating and Cooling

This activity allows students to reflect on the machines used for heating and cooling anything in their lives. Devices designed for heating and cooling require large amounts of energy and often are not necessary for survival.


1) With students, collect names of machines and devices you can find at home or anywhere else that are used for heating or cooling. Also discuss what energy source they require to function. Write on board for all to see. (Examples: Air conditioning, heat, electric baseboard heater, oil furnace, gas furnace, propane stove, old wood stove, new wood stove, greenhouse, solar cells, solar collector, passive solar, bio gas, generator, clothes iron, hair dryer, refrigerator, freezer, toaster, oven, stove, radiant floor heat, kerosene/electric space heater, curling iron, heat gun, soldering iron, microwave oven, electric blanket, hot water tank, water heater, joghurt maker, infrared lamps, patio heater, BBQ, fire place, fire place insert, heat exchanger, geothermal heat pump, hot water bottle, etc.

2) Categorize items by putting different colored dot next to item. Supply a "key" next to developed list.

Possible Categories:

* Burns fossil fuels

* Uses electricity

* Uses renewable energy source

* Uses naturally available energy source

* Toxic by-products in air/ water/ soil

* Is luxury item (not everyone has and need one)

* Is necessary for health and survival

* Is always in use

* Is sometimes in use (talk about how long)

3) Discuss better solutions ( =how to achieve less pollution while using the device)

4) Discuss best solutions and alternatives ( =how to eliminate pollution)

5) Print Worksheet. Find the MS Word (.doc) file here

6) Students complete work sheet



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