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Activity 3

How to Drive and Pollute Less

The goal of this activity is to encourage students to think about how to drive a motor vehicle while polluting much less. There are certain behaviors that are still popular and result in more pollution and higher energy consumption. The gained knowledge can be applied to all vehicles. Even an energy-efficient car can be driven badly.

Materials and Tools:

Worksheet (see below), computers with internet access


1) Find the work sheet as a MS Word (.doc) file here.

2) Students log on to computers and navigate to www.polluteless.com. Students investigate the Tips, Tricks and Advice category "Automobile".

3) Students collect what can be done to be a less polluting driver and complete left and middle column on worksheet.

4) After discussion of a few examples, the students return to website and complete the right column to find and demonstrate they know why this driving behavior pollutes less.



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