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Activity 5

Personal Planet Protection Plan

This activity should probably follow some of the other activities. The students determine what they would like to do to pollute significantly less based on what they already learned and on the information they can find at this website in the advice categories. It results in a "contract" between the student and the environment. If you display those sheets you most likely will get pretty decent results since the students, generally speaking, do like to be proud of their work and shy away from insincere answers. Afterall, they may get asked by their peers or other teachers what this is all about.


1) Tell students to investigate the Tips, Tricks and Advice categories and select, and write down 10-15 ideas that result in "significant" reduction of pollution.

2) Complete Work Sheet based on those notes. Find the MS Word file (.doc) here.

3) Display worksheets in the halls for all to see, read, and learn.



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