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Encouraging North Americans to Pollute Less, Consume Fewer Resources, and Use Less Energy since 2007.

(Better Late Than Never).


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The only way to contact PolluteLess.com is via e-mail. I do not participate and would like to discourage you in sending pieces of paper via car, truck, airplane, etc. all over the planet. Words and pictures can be sent much better, faster, and with much less pollution via e-mail.

If you want or need to send me more than can be handled electronically, you can send it via snail mail (= regular mail). E-mail me to get our mailing address.

You can reach me at:

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By the way,...

I hide my e-mail address in an image so that the automated SPAM spiders which collect e-mail addresses from the world wide web do not find mine and start sending worthless info. Unlike you, so far they cannot recognize the text in images. This may happen soon though. Sorry this process is more complicated. I know it is easier to click a link to send or even just allowing copy/paste into your e-mail. To make it worse, I may even have to change my e-mail address once in a good while.


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