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This site's goal is to show you as many possible ways to pollute less as I can imagine and also give you an idea how much impact those changes will have. Change will only occur if we stop believing that anything labeled green is "oh-so-great" for the environment and begin doing the things that really make a difference.

Admittedly, some of the advice proposed here is pretty radical for the taste of most North Americans. There is a reason why we gobble up much more than our fair share of the world's energy and resources: It is hard for us to enjoy life without the anemities of modern civilication. It may be impossible for many to even survive without machines, stores, money, gasoline. Maybe one day we will be forced to live with those changes. Hopefully we will have managed to get used to the changes sooner and will not experience them as forced upon us. Hopefully we will deal with reality before reality deals with us.

Sufficient resources - Wasteful existence - 6.5 Billion humans
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