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(Better Late Than Never).


To Those Who Still Don't Care

This site is designed to offer tips, tricks, and practical advice for people who would like to change their lives to reduce their impact on the environment. Please return when you have informed yourself enough to actually care.

To develop an opinion about the effects of human activities on the environment and the effects of a polluted environment on humans you may want to surf the internet. Just find a search engine and enter keywords such as “effects climate change”, “environment peak oil ”, or “consumption resources pollution”. Or ask your local librarian. Or the next educated person you run into. You will discover something to think about.

Please excuse the harsh words but...

If you have no intention to develop further interest in this issue, you are part of the problem. Please do the world at least that one favor: Stay away from people with maleable minds who may follow your example! Children for instance.

I have little tolerance to people who know better but do not care. Once upon a time raping women was considered acceptable everywhere. It is not any longer in the places I imagine comfortable. Refusing to change your habits and continueing to abuse the environment without limiting yourself is not much better.

Go find a glitzy, shallow, mind-numbing website somewhere else. I have strong feelings about this and I don't want to waste my time talking to you. Maybe others can convince you. Until then...

Good Bye!



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