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Here you are, looking for some ways to pollute less while living well. That may be quite difficult. Depends on how you define "living well". Living well right now may mean that machines do a lot of the work for you. It also may mean using chemicals, artificial materials, or the newest gadgets to get what you want fast. It may mean that you do what you want without thinking about or being limited by the consequences of your actions. If that is what you think living well means, you may find that you cannot live well AND pollute less.

If you are willing to re-think what living well means or already think that living well includes caring about the world all humans live in, you will not be disappointed.

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All of the proposed changes are to different degrees beneficial to our environment. Please don`t rest until you voluntarily pollute and consume a lot less. Don`t wait for regulations to “force” a change. Democratic governments or market-driven systems will not create rules, laws, or products that are not profitable or go beyond what is comfortable for the average person.  The resulting changes will be minor; probably too late, and not enough.



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